Millealab VR Training Roadshow begins

Published 07 May 2019, 20:42

Today Millealab started the VR training roadshow.

Budi Luhur Vocational School became the first school we visited. In this training we teach class X multimedia students how to make VR content prototypes by following the flow of the UX / UI design that is convenient for VR users.

The students immediately use Millealab and it doesn't take long to understand. In less than 20 minutes, the students understood how to arrange UI placement in a 360 VR canvas.

In addition, using Millealab, students can use computers with only 4Gb RAM and store all their creations in a cloud system so it doesn't take long to try trial-error content creation.

With a vision to spread affordable Virtual Reality technology and make it more friendly for teachers and students, Millealab will continue to strive to provide the best solutions for Indonesian education.

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