Millealab Roadshow Day Two

Published 10 May 2019, 10:02

The second day of the Millealab roadshow series was conducted at SDN 04 Pagi Cipayung, East Jakarta.

The participants of the training on making the Virtual Reality education content this time came from ten schools in the Cluster 04 and 03 Cipayung.

Each school sent two to three teachers as representatives.

There was a welcome sentence from the head of the cluster supervisor, "No matter how sophisticated the technology currently is and that of the next generation, the role of the teacher will not be replaced." We were stunned, because it was with this vision that we built Millealab. A vision that wants to unite technology-teacher-students and students and parents.

Become a unity that interacts, empathizes with each other, and inspires each other.

Why use VR? Because VR is a technology that can arouse the empathy of its users. It can increase the imagination of users.
The role of the teacher is very important. Because all teaching concepts will come from the teacher, and the best concept must come from the teacher.

Millealab was aware and convinced that Indonesian teachers had high creativity. How to unite these extraordinary teachers with technology and students, that is our duty.

Hopefully the synergy of the teachers as Millealab's main creators will be fun and useful.

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