Millealab Roadshow at Pangudi Luhur Middle School

Published 18 May 2019, 11:30

The Millealab roadshow has arrived at Pangudi Luhur Middle School in South Jakarta.

Teachers from various fields of study were enthusiastic when dealing with and trying out Virtual Reality technology.

The training this time was accompanied by much laughter and excitement.

We are always sure that no matter how sophisticated technology exists in the world of education, without the participation of teachers who are able to make friends with technology, there will not be a harmonious connection between two different generations (parents-teacher-students).

Virtual Reality is one of the answers to reuniting the "frequencies" of these generations that are increasingly separated by technology.

Millealab keeps trying to create very easy access for schools and teachers to use VR with all its potential. We keep trying to create cheap, easy, fun and profitable VR!

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