Millealab Roadshow Creating Virtual Reality Content for Beginners

Published 21 May 2019, 06:28

Indonesia is an agricultural country since the days of our ancestors. They found many techniques of agriculture, plantations, fisheries in a way that is in harmony with the surrounding environment.
As time went on, new technologies began to penetrate the agrarian world. Production lines to the consumerization of processed products continue to synergize with technology so that it simplifies and speeds up the process.

Center for Development and Empowerment of Educators and Education Personnel (P4TK) Agriculture is an organization formed by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture @ Kemdikbud.ri to continue to produce competent educators in the world of agriculture.

On Monday, May 20, 2019, Millealab visited the roadshow workshop "Making Virtual Reality content for Beginners". VR technology with all its potential can be a tool to create a more comprehensive and attractive training and learning system for many people, including agricultural teachers.

By using VR, the teacher can teach how the processing of natural chemicals, the mixing process, the workings of agricultural and plantation machinery, basic processing and industrial SOPs related to agriculture, plantations, and fisheries, and much more in a more immersive and interactive way .

Studies that include access to Psychomotor, Empathy, and Cognitive can be easily planned by pouring the concept of learning through VR.

We are happy to continue to inspire and share access to technology as our service to all educators in Indonesia.

Look forward to our next roadshow - of course we will visit a lot of other places!

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