VEC 2019 Recap

Published 21 May 2019, 20:18

At the Vive Ecosystem Conference 2019 in Shenzhen, China, Alvin Graylin shared some important insights that HTC Vive learnt throughout the past year. Here are some of the highlights:

1. 5 Barriers to VR/AR Mass Adoption

The long term goal is to have the masses depend on VR/AR for their daily lives.

But there are 5 barriers to VR/AR mass adoption.

First consumers must comprehend the technology and its benefits for themselves and their family and friends.

Second it must be easy to operate.VR is still very difficult to operate with installing trackers, base stations and software. 

Third barrier is comfort. The device must be so comfortable that you do not notice its there. 

The fourth barrier is cost.

The fifth barrier is to have enough content for everyone to use.

2. How big will the VR/AR industry grow?

According to Facebook board member Marc Andreessen, he mentioned that VR will be “1000 times” bigger than AR. 

According to Alvin Wang Graylin, he predicts that VR and AR will merge in the long term, instead of competing with each other.

3. VCs understand VR

VCs are also seeing a growth in investment in VR companies. Data from 2015 to 2018 shows that VR investments grow each year. 

From May 2016 to Nov 2018, steam users have grown 6 fold on the Steam platform

Also, with the growth of 5G services around the world, immersive media like VR/AR is able to take advantage of the 5G momentum to increase consumer use.

4. VR is a great tool for education

HTC Vive conducted an experiment in 2016, with a VR -supplemented class compared to a regular-curriculum class. Students from the vR-supplemented class outperformed those from the regular-curriculum classes. Students in VR classes are shown to be more concentrated, and ready to absorb more information. The data showed a sixfold increase in the concentration levels. 

Students who learned in VR earned higher test scores compared to their non-VR counterparts.

The full video can be viewed here

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