Virtual Reality Marketing 2019: 3D Food and Drink Interactive Solutions

Published 22 May 2019, 19:29

3D Food And Drink: Solving the Limitations of Print Menus

Imagine walking into a new restaurant, viewing the menu, and having any questions about the food items answered at the push of a button.

This is the kind of transformative dining experience that Toronto-based augmented reality (AR) agency Upcoming Media Inc. is creating with 3D Food And Drink, an app that uses modern innovations to enhance traditional restaurant menus in the F&B  industry.

With 3D Food And Drink, restaurants, hotels, and caterers can provide their customers with interactive 3D AR experiences that elevate the dining experience while increasing profits.

In this digital age, people become accustomed to accessing quick, detailed information instantly. Unfortunately, traditional print menus found in many restaurants may not provide enough detail for customers to make informed choices when ordering food. This can lead to diners being surprised when their food arrives, which can be costly to a restaurant in terms of negative reviews, lost revenue, and increased food waste.

The same situation applies when ordering from home or the office using paper take-out menus, which don’t have enough space to list the information today’s diners need to know. It’s not often that customers will take a leap of faith to order something they’re unsure about, especially when travelling, trying something new, or visiting a restaurant
for the first time.

Fortunately, the 3D Food And Drink app can help solve these issues using innovations that not only educate the diner with easily accessed information about your menu, but also entertains them in a memorable, engaging manner that encourages new and additional food orders.

Enhancing Print Menus with 3D Food And Drink

The 3D Food And Drink solution removes any purchase barriers that exist between restaurants and their customers. By using innovative 3D technology, hospitality businesses can put their dishes in the spotlight through an interactive AR experience that empowers diners to make informed ordering decisions.

3D Food And Drink scans every menu item using advanced photogrammetry and professional modelling techniques, which creates full-colour renderings of your food that your customers can access using their smartphone. Customers can “place” the 3D models onto the table, for a 360° view of the item.

They can also view the ingredient list, learn about how the dish is prepared, and confirm whether the item conforms to their dietary or religious requirements, all at the push of a button.

These 3D Food And Drink solutions open up opportunities for customers to try something new or order additional dishes. This new level of customer education, creates a memorable interactive experience that can bring in additional revenue while reducing food waste.


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