VR can help Insurance Industry

Published 26 May 2019, 17:34

In general, we as humans want to feel safe, want to feel protected, do not want to lose everything even in the most unexpected circumstances.

Insurance users in general continue to increase every year, in the first quarter of 2019, the increase in average general insurance gross premiums increased by 19% (source of data: Indonesian General Insurance Association - May 2019)

With this growth, breakthroughs are needed involving digital technology from upstream to downstream. One technology that has the potential to help the effectiveness of the insurance business process is Virtual Reality (VR)

What can VR do for the insurance business? Many! Starting from educating prospective customers, training, to risk assessment.

For risk assessment, we can use VR to create various assessment scenarios before making or meeting a real scenario.

Imagine that we could make a house that was destroyed by fire, riots, earthquakes, to the harbor decks of ships to underground gas pipes that were difficult to touch !! All can be simulated and made an assessment scenario.

STMA Trisakti is one institution that realizes that VR technology can be developed to help the insurance process and education.

On May 23, 2019, We and the instructors of STMA Trisakti jointly held a Virtual Reality training. We share information about how the VR industry can be applied to help increase the effectiveness of teaching to business.

We are happy to see how fellow educators can easily create VR (prototyping) content, even with training that only takes 3 hours.

It's time for VR to help the insurance business!



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