As Social VR grows, users are the ones building its worlds

Published 28 May 2019, 13:25

When Rec Room launched in 2016, it did not feel like a social vr platform as the designs were cartoonish and there was a lack of active users. Today, however, with the various creative upgrades made to the virtual environment, there is no limit to the creativity involved in making your own personal environment. Fully playable Monopoly boards, explorable dungeons, and even live DJ sets can be created in Rec Room. Popular rooms attract more than 500,000 visitors.

With the launch of Wireless VR headsets such as Oculus quest and Valve this year, this is a pivotal moment for social VR. Current daily VR headset use is in the tens of thousands, this could go up to millions in the near future. Current social VR platforms Altspace and VR Chat have announced moves to Oculus Quest platform later this year. 

With more users in Social VR platforms, expect an exponential growth in creative content made for these platforms in the next 2 years.


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