Team Millealab tours Java!

Published 12 June 2019, 17:08

After the Idul Fitri holiday, the Millealab team again went to the schools during a series of roadshows on the introduction of Virtual Reality technology for education.

This June, we traveled around Java!

On the Javanese Roadshow, we started from the city of Kediri. A small, friendly city, with Pecel Tumpang and Soto Kediri as its specialty.

We visited the Al-Huda Kediri Vocational School, Kediri City which is one of the pilot Vocational Schools for Kediri. Vocational schools that have more than 1000 active students each year, and win many competitions related to their vocational skills.

Using Millealab, teachers and students also recognize Virtual Reality technology and learn to design VR content and story boards for VR.

There was a lot of excitement because no one had ever tried VR before, and through this training, we not only introduced VR technology, but also learned to make VR content prototypes according to the correct standard rules.

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