Magic Leap pivots to health technology

Published 05 September 2019, 20:56

The augmented reality company medical technology entrepreneur has formed a partnership with German medical software company Brainlab because it aims to "change the relationship between health and technology." Health care innovation has become the center of attention for Magic Leap, according to Wednesday's announcement.

Jennifer Esposito, former general manager of health and science at Intel Corp, will lead this effort as Vice President of health in Leap Magic. He will guide the company's goal to use spatial computing technology to "remove geographic barriers" for healthcare providers.

The Magic Leap partnership with Brianlab is expected to produce a solution for how surgeons see patient data. The company is working on a 3D spatial viewer program, accessed through the Magic Leap device, which can be used for surgical planning. This technology will unite the Magic Leap portable computer with Brainlab data management and cloud computing capabilities to create tools for the digital operating room and radiotherapy business.

Esposito will utilize the Magic Leap partnership with AT&T when building applications for healthcare providers.

Health care technology products under development for Magic Leap:

XRHealth is developing an ARHealth therapy platform to offer spatial computing applications for rehabilitation, cognitive training, psychological assessment and pain disorder. Non-invasive medical tools will allow patients to track their results over time.
SyncThink's eye-tracking analytics can help diagnose brain disorders such as concussions in its aim to become the "gold standard in brain health assessment."

And the Marino Foundation has developed tools for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder to overcome obstacles in direct interviews with The Virtual Interactive Training Agent. Job interview practice systems measure eye sight, speech patterns, and response time and offer feedback and lesson plans.

The Lucford Packard Stanford Children's Hospital Stanford Chariot Program created a medical training application for Magic Leap One.


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