What can VR do for Corporate Training? Part 3

Published 17 September 2019, 17:13

Interview with Nina Salomons

How do you think VR will change company training?

- Corporate training may be boring, boring and individuals may not all be on the same page. But with VR, we can create shared social experiences and transport large numbers of individuals to different locations. You can create interactive questionnaires, show visual data in a way that is more interesting than just PowerPoint and create an unforgettable experience outside the office or board room. With realistic avatars, eye tracking integration on head-mounted displays, better resolution, and high pixel density, we will see a more realistic world that reflects our world. Combining this with an EEG you will be able to simulate real world social experiences. 

ENGAGE is a great platform for recording classes, sessions, discussions, talks or panels. This means that if someone is absent or sick, this physical session still exists. Similar to a time machine, you can return to 'time' and return to the same recording as many times as you like.

With EEG or other third party monitoring tools, you can manage stress levels for example and learn how to stay calm in stressful situations. This can be used for sales or client relationship skills as well, if you want to create various social scenarios. 

How can VR help companies save money on training?

- VR has been proven to have a tremendous impact on saving companies in large numbers in training. Tyson Foods uses VR training for safety and danger training as well as injuries and diseases has decreased by 20%. Training facilities are very expensive, and with a simple VR Headset you don't have to pay for travel, expensive accommodation or pay for some workshops. That can all be done in VR. 

In the future I hope that a large amount of training will be conducted in VR. This can be used in any sector and is very useful in training simulations that are dangerous and life-threatening.

Nina Salomons is a Technology Consultant at Inition. 


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