Normal VR Technology Turns Any VR / AR Application Into a Multiplayer Experience

Published 18 September 2019, 17:06

Trying to explain what it's like to be in VR for someone who has never tried it before will give you an appreciation of how important this innovation is. Images, videos, and even recordings in a headset cannot convey the feeling of presence that you get from being in VR yourself. This frustration can be compounded when working with others to create VR products, forcing you to try and explain what you are doing and how it makes you feel when you move in three dimensions with 6 degrees of freedom.

Normcore has also become a valuable tool for the Normal VR team when giving demos or gathering feedback from clients or colleagues. Sharing a building and hoping that someone unfamiliar with a product can run it smoothly on its own is never an ideal situation for developers. Likewise, traveling with complete VR settings and VR-ready computers is also no small task, and that's assuming the build you have with you continues to function once you arrive and manage everything. But with the help of Normcore, demos can happen instantly, with others joining from VR headsets or devices that support AR, allowing developers to provide guided experiences in controlled settings.

Normcore, which is outside of special applications and can be accessed by VR and AR developers as plugins, is ready to redefine modern communication in a big way. But Normal VR doesn't stop there. 

Two more videos have been released in the days since, one with Wanda's avatar navigating the sky with a colorful hanging launcher, and the latest one showing Wanda playing hide and seek with a seeker game that is many times larger than hiding. It is clear that multiplayer will be the core of these experiences, and I suspect we will see more unique sounds and Normal VR innovations in the near future.


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