Mark Zuckerberg sees the future of AR in VR

Published 27 September 2019, 09:48

Zuckerberg is quite clear that Facebook's VR vision is still a focus, even after years. He knew headsets had to be smaller, more comfortable and easier to use. VR is just an opening salvo in Facebook's long-term ambitions, and that is a bridge to the future where we will communicate using augmented reality, which combines computer-generated images with the real world.

He is also clear that Facebook is a company - the only company - that must lead the way towards a future where we work, play and interact in this virtual and augmented world. 

"This might change very differently if we help shape this compared to other companies that might work on it, which I think is more likely to push a more appropriate model around 'here your application, here's your content, I'll pull it from the store, '"he said. "We want to help shape the next computing platform to interact more with people and not just applications and tasks."

As to when all that will happen - the move from VR to AR, from special markets to mass consumer use - Zuckerberg, who has been with Oculus for five years, tells me that it will take more time to get to where "People will expect excellence from the work we do. "

In addition to talking about a large-scale vision of the future, my time on Facebook was spent on the Oculus Quest hand tracking demo, a practical and practical software addition that allowed my hands to jump right into the virtual world without the need for a controller. Even though this might not sound interesting, maybe this is the most helpful step forward to place an impressive Oculus VR glasses but it still can't be used.

The company's goal by hand tracking was part of the pursuit of "presence". Zuckerberg sees a presence in AR different from what is available in AR today. "I think people send different products that they call AR, which don't have the ability to actually send someone, here, that you feel is with you. You might get a notification, you might get some eyewear products that can be pretty useful and can do different things. But I think there are still some basic technology things that need to be done, which are our focus. "


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