Verizon Acquires Jaunt XR's Augmented Reality Tech Assets

Published 02 October 2019, 17:44

Jaunt, the cinematic VR company that switched to AR last year, announced today that it has sold software, technology, and "certain other assets" to American telecommunications Verizon.

Founded in 2013, Jaunt became known not only for producing high-quality 360 video for consumers, but also a 360 camera dubbed Jaunt One aimed at industry professionals.

In October 2018, Jaunt decided to pivot to AR and dismiss most of his staff in the process. Since then, the company has recently been involved in the design and training of neural networks for real-time estimation of human poses and segmentation of body parts, something aimed at creating volumetric videos and human 3D models.

The company raised more than $ 100 million from Disney, Sky, and Axel Springer.


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