Microsoft Files Patent for Virtual Reality Floor Mat

Published 03 October 2019, 18:39

The patent application for "virtual reality floor activity areas,", addresses real-world problems experienced by many VR users : VR provides full immersion, completely obstructing the outside world. That includes walls, coffee tables, shelves and other objects that might be hit or hit by players while playing VR games.

The VR system aims to reduce such accidents with the help of a guard system, which displays a warning message when the user leaves the playroom, or sometimes even makes the VR world disappear.

A number of players have tried to prevent such accidents by getting their own rubber floor mats, giving them additional physical cues that help to remain in their playroom. T

This includes special fiduciary markers that can be used by VR headsets to recognize mattresses, and adjust playroom settings accordingly. The patent application also explores the idea of ​​having a dedicated initial position; the player for example can position his feet on a special foot marker in the middle of the mat to launch the VR experience.

The patent application also explains the possibility of inserting a pressure sensor directly into the mat itself: "Virtual reality mats can include a number of pressure sensors that are spatially distributed that are integrated into the mat to detect physical stresses or forces applied to the surface of mat activity. Such pressure sensors allow virtual reality systems to identify where users stand in relation to the mat, without having to require users to be detected visually by optical sensors."

What's more, the mat can also provide haptic feedback, : "The floor mat can include one or more vibration devices integrated into the floor mat to produce vibrations on the floor mat; and virtual reality experiences can be augmented by producing vibrations on the mat floor through at least one vibration device from one or more vibration devices. "


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