Apple Acquires IKinema

Published 06 October 2019, 20:16

According to a filing with the British government, Apple may have secretly acquired the UK-based motion capture company IKinema.

Reports so far have not been proven by the two companies, but a number of submissions with the British government indicate that Apple's legal director, Peter Denwood, was recently appointed director of IKinema, which included Apple's HQ address.

The company's UK physical address has been legally changed to 100 New Bridge Street in London, the same as Apple Europe Limited.

At the time of this writing, the company's website has been reduced to support documentation for their various software products. IKinema customers had been without updates "for weeks."

IKinema is known as inverse kinematic (IK) technology and affordable motion capture for real time 3D rendering. The company's latest hissing roll showcases the latest iteration of Orion, software that can capture head, hand, hip and leg movements using VR headsets, controllers, and Vive Trackers.


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