BMW M Drive Tour VR Experience

Published 15 October 2019, 10:51

The BMW M Drive Tour is a series of premium events that allow current and prospective BMW customers to drive a complete portfolio of typical BMW M vehicles around the iconic European race track. By doing that, they fully discovered the ability of the BMW M. brand.

BMW is interested in exploring how they can enhance experience and strengthen overall emotional involvement to drive affinity. As a result, BMW and ZeroLight collaborate on a series of digital experiences that are fully connected with customers and delivered before, during and after the event.

Online Pre-Event Experience

BMW M customers are invited to the online portal where they can configure their car online using an interactive video configurator before the event. 

Virtual Reality Events & 4k Experience

During the event, customers can load their online configuration and explore it through two media: virtual reality (VR) and 4k. Every experience is available throughout the event, allowing anyone to move freely between the actual race track and the digital world.

VR allows delegates to explore and refine their choices on a scale of 1: 1. Using the newly released HTC Vive Pro, customers can see their BMW M5 on the famous Le Mans race track. Delivered as a series of six scenes, the experience allows users to cycle between paint options, open a boot, wear a racing helmet, change alloys, and sit in a digital vehicle.

Using the original BMW M5 car seats mapped to the virtual world, users can open front passenger doors, climb into their cars, and configure the interior. After completion, they are moved to the driver's side, where they can interact with a number of features, including the steering wheel, horn, rear view mirror, gear stick, and cabin storage compartment. To finish the experience, a start button appears which turns the engine before moving the car to the track when the lights start turning green.

"Enhancing and enriching real product experiences through digital technologies such as VR or AR, provided by strong partners such as ZeroLight, will become increasingly important for sophisticated marketing."
- Florian Stiller, Head of Events and Market Marketing for the BMW Group Central and Southeast Europe.

The 4k experience provides an Ultra HD representation of each BMW M5 customer. This not only provides further adjustments, but also allows each guest to watch their car complete a round around Le Mans in real time, the 4k experience provides several cinematic sequences to display each user's final results in unprecedented detail. .

Posting Microsite Events

After the event, each customer receives a personalized microsite that displays their unique adjustments. Assets that are automatically generated including beauty photos, Le Mans driving scenes, and video footage of events are included and can be shared directly on social networks. 


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