VR Boeing 737 Next Gen Thrust Reverser

Published 15 October 2019, 15:40


The simulation is meant to improve the quality of work and reduce the amount of time spent by top level personnel training and improve risk management during technical procedures which can bring up extra costs up to millions of dollars.

Project description:

The main goal of Inlusion was to create a simulator that can be used for training and examination of maintenance workers for the Boeing 737 Next Gen Thrust Reverser opening procedure.

The project was created using the actual Boeing 737 aircraft maintenance manual. Following the regulations in aviation industry, the manual was transferred to the virtual environment.

This simulation has two modes. One of these modes has a full training programme with hints and the second one is focused strictly on employee examination. By choosing the first mode the user is guided through the procedure by visual hint system with the ability to make mistakes, restart tasks or complete them automatically for visual inspection. 

It is crucial for the maintenance workers to know and follow all steps of the procedure exactly based on the technical manual. Otherwise, the plain can be damaged or an incident may happen that can end up in a vast loss of money for the company. 

Additional benefits:

Safe trainings due to controlled environments.
Saves costs for expensive training materials and top level personnel training beginners very basic procedures and avoiding errors.


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