Mitsubishi's New Electric Car Shows AR Dashboard in Concept Video

Published 28 October 2019, 03:18

Those going on off-road adventures, taking their inspiration from various SUV commercials, are likely to encounter many unexpected, all-terrain dangers.

Mitsubishi is ready to put those dangers in the foreground with augmented reality warnings on a heads-up-display across much of the windshield of its Mi-Tech concept hybrid SUV. The fantasy car was previewed in a video at the Tokyo Motor Show.

In the video, the driver of the SUV cavorting through the outback uses the concept AR collision warning system to swerve around erupting geysers. Augmented reality alerts on the windshield warn the driver of collisions so they can react to the oncoming danger. 

Mitsubishi is clearly hoping to transform the image of the fiddly electric car into the all-terrain vehicle category so popular in the US market, and it is using AR to make us feel more comfortable with the emerging auto tech. 

However, while such an info display might be useful for charging purposes, having the entire engine status in view while driving doesn't seem very convenient. Mitsubishi is just as likely using this part of the video for hyping its revamped, smaller hybrid powertrain. As an indication of its intentions, Mitsubishi gave no word in its related press release on whether the AR windshields are actually going into production, but the company did confirm that it is planning to add electric tech to new midsize and compact SUVs by 2022.

If this heads-up display ever enters production, it would appear to compete with heads-up displays such as Navion, produced by Swiss technology company WayRay. Navion gives navigational advice in AR overlays and accepts hand-gesture inputs. And, in terms of products actually on the market, WayRay stands as a true competitor to other would-be entrants into the space as the company has financial backing from automakers Porsche and Hyundai.


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