Virtual Reality Marketing: Samsung Snowboard VR

Published 31 October 2019, 09:54

Unit9 and Cheil Worldwide presented a thrilling 4D Snowboarding VR experience for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Samsung: Snowboard VR takes users through a hyper-real journey complete with vast canyons,rock cliffs, and a gravity defying world in the sky. 

Users at the 2018 Winter Olympics stood on a physical snowboard which replicated the movements of the snowboard in the VR scene, providing a deep sense of immersion.

Using topographical data from a volcanic mountain range in Chile and integrating live action footage Unit9 built the Snowboard VR experience. 

The result is a 4D snowboarding experience, which will bring Winter Olympics fans closer to the thrills of high-speed boarding at its most extreme.


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