VR for Education in the $160B Market

Published 08 November 2019, 05:44

VR is a tool of the future that everyone should take advantage of. According to Statista, the VR/AR market will expand dramatically in the coming years, with forecasts for 2023 eclipsing $160 billion U.S. dollars. And that is just the beginning: while today VR development is mostly restricted to professionals, soon everyone would be able to create their own VR projects. 

Now there are tools that allow users to create and manage VR content by themselves, such as platforms like Millealab.

Learning how to build a VR project is a useful skill for students as they are going to witness huge technological progress during their careers. VR is also exciting for the next generation, and providing students the opportunity to work with VR pays off with their involvement and interest in this technology. 


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