5 steps to deploy VR Enterprise Training

Published 14 November 2019, 15:25

Step 1: Identify company-wide goals.
First, it’s important to think strategically about your organization’s main business objectives. From there, utlilise those goals as a guide light for the training. 

Step 2: Build VR-specific content.
In the next phase, we take your main objective and break it down into specific and measurable outcomes. Then, we use behavioral learning science to begin developing VR specific content.

Step 3: Create Immersive Learning experiences.
After the shoot and post-production, the VR experience is sequenced and create the experiences, layer in voiceover and more – all according to the agreed-upon curriculum. Your team will review before we deploy at scale.

Step 4: Deploy across the enterprise.
Next, it’s time to deploy VR training across your organization. You really need a partner that’s ready to execute large scale deployments, including: Hardware fulfillment, On-site installation,Training instructions, Internal communication, and Connectivity

Step 5: Adoption, adoption, adoption!

From here, it’s about adoption. Every staff should experience the training because that’s when you can feel the impact. 

At Shinta VR, we are committed to help you with implementing VR enterprise training because we believe that VR has a unique ability to influence behavior unlike any other method.


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