Vocational Schools in Malang Use VR Technology for Learning

Published 26 November 2019, 11:23

Miftahul Huda Vocational School applies Virtual Reality (VR) technology in the process of teaching and learning activities. One of the national reference schools has started Virtual Reality-based training since August 2019.

This school in Malang, East Java, is collaborating with one of Indonesia's startup companies, Millealab which focuses on Virtual Reality technology to get to teachers with easy, inexpensive, and fun methods.

Managing Director of Millealab Andes Rizky said, using VR the teachers can make a lot of simulations of teaching materials that have been difficult to explain to students. According to him, the use of VR technology in teaching can increase the concentration of students up to six times based on research from Saga University, Japan.

"VR technology is also very suitable for use in countries that have a low level of decentralization of educational facilities such as Indonesia. With VR, investment in teaching aids and laboratories can be reduced by 90 percent so that the distribution of teaching aids facilities can be easily achieved," he said in his written statement, Monday (11/25).

The Vocational School will use cloud-based VR software made by a country boy named Millealab, released by Shinta VR.

Shinta VR itself already has a cloud-based platform VR product that contains thousands of 3D assets, VR drag & drop interaction panel that makes all teachers can make VR-based teaching materials and also VR-based testing materials without coding, expensive laptops, and rendering that takes a long time .

"By using this software, teachers can create their own VR-based teaching materials without having to do programming and without having to have a computer with high specifications," Andes explained.

Until now Millealab has been accessed by more than 900 teachers in more than 300 schools in Indonesia through a VR workshop program in collaboration with many parties such as Seamolec, IGI (Indonesian Teachers Association) and so on.

"This has become our vision to provide Virtual Reality technology solutions for education in Indonesia. Our hope in the future is that we can continue to spread benefits for education in Indonesia and realize education 4.0 according to the direction of the Ministry of Education and Culture here, together with Millealab," concluded Andes.


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