Transfer of Millealab commercial licenses to SMK Budi Luhur

Published 04 December 2019, 21:07

Transfer of the Millealab commercial license along with the VR headset unit to Budi Luhur Vocational School was completed today. Thank you for trusting us to jointly build the era of millennial education and character. With Virtual Reality platform from Millealab, expensive things become much cheaper, easier, and more fun. VR technology is now no longer a luxury because all teachers can create, modify, and share their own VR content using Millealab. The role of the teacher in this case is irreplaceable. This is the time for Indonesia's great teachers to become important actors in educational technology, as role models and innovators. The direction of the Ministry of Education and Culture certainly becomes our benchmark for continuing to advance to participate in education that is more just, innovative, and of character.

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