Looking at the New Era of Influencers Today

Published 18 December 2019, 10:29

In 2019, Tempo Media Week organied its activities with the theme 'The Future Here' which presented several young Indonesian researchers who are outstanding and inspiring. This annual seminar is held on Saturday, 7 December 2019 at the National Library of Indonesia, Central Jakarta.

Millennial era will be spoiled with various sides digitally and sophisticated technology with the results of the research of several figures. In one joint session with INVRA, Akira Sou as CEO of SHINTA VR said that in the future we will face the all-digital world including the Virtual Influencer segment which has such a huge impact on society today. On that occasion Akira Sou explained what benefits are obtained from using YouTuber and virtual celebrities that is not going to age, not being involved in scandals and inviting public curiosity about the characters behind the scenes. Virtual influencers can be functioned to visualize the material what users want both individuals or a company for branding.

In the event, SHINTA VR Virtual Influencer Specialist Ario Jiwandono demonstrated how the 'Motion Capture' technology can create 3D models that we create can move like humans. Ario added that with this technology, in addition to reducing production costs and animation time, moving 3D characters also have emotional ties with their audience because in terms of movement, sound and facial expression driven by humans.

Shinta VR, as a leading VR company, to date has introduced several products in the field of virtual YouTubers namely Maya Putri, Andi Adinata, Nana Rika and a virtual celebrity named Karen. In the future SHINTA VR will continue to innovate to present contemporary technology. Interesting right ? We are waiting for more surprises in the future.

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