Millealab - Effective Technology for Education

Published 17 January 2020, 03:45

What is needed by a country to create technological innovation in the education sector apparently does not stand on its sophistication.

For the world of education, technology must be a bridge between all the elements involved. Solve problems effectively and efficiently.

An interesting presentation from Microsoft is that sophisticated technology alone does not guarantee a country can advance its education.

Technology must play a role in the teaching and learning process in a fit and appropriate manner. Therefore there needs to be a system of co-creation between all elements of education namely school-teacher-student-parent-technology.

In line with that, we have started a co-creation system with schools that are our partners in developing learning template themes according to their individual needs.

The diversity of Indonesia makes us aware that technology that can work well is a technology that is flexible and fit in their respective places.

Technology does not have to be sophisticated. But how can technology be present to facilitate and increase the achievement and efficiency of every element of education, specifically, our beloved students.

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