Waltz Of The Wizard Experiments With Hand Tracking from Oculus Quest

Published 15 February 2020, 08:19

In a new video released by Aldin Dynamics, a VR developer shows how hand-tracking technology has been used as part of their popular VR magic game Waltz of the Wizards using Oculus Quest.

Through hand tracking, it is expected that users can be more expressive and feel free without a controller while using this device. Visuals are not the only essential aspect in the field of virtual reality. The better the input control offered, the more immersive the experience the consumer gets, and the immersive sensation has always been the main measure of success for a VR device when launched.

Throughout the 1 minute video, a player can be seen using hand-tracking technology to interact with various objects and magic spells. Unfortunately, Aldin Dynamics said this was just an experiment they were doing and they would not necessarily be released to the market. 

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