The collaboration between Millealab and Dewa Dewi Dedi Foundation embodies the idea of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia in the VR Application - Tol Langit

Published 17 November 2020, 08:20

Millealab in collaboration with the Dewa Dewi Dedi Indonesia Foundation launched the Sky Toll Virtual Reality Application at the Harmoni Garut Hotel on November 7, 2020.

Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan said that this application was an implementation of the ideas of the Indonesian Vice President Ma'ruf Amin regarding the Agro Tourism Village (DEWA), Industrial Tourism Village (DEWI), and Digital Village (DEDI) programs. This Virtual Reality-Tol Langit application was launched as a form of modernization of education, especially among Islamic boarding schools. The application of the Sky Toll Virtual Reality application aims to make pesantren more advanced and produce students who are competent and ready to work.

Andes Rizky as the Managing Director of Millelab said that with the Virtual Reality-Sky Toll Application, it can return good inspirations to students, so that they can set aside bad inspirations obtained from other sources. Because by using the Virtual Reality-Tol Langit application, you can connect students anywhere and anytime according to the learning objectives of the teacher.

This Virtual Reality-Tol Langit application can be accessed online or offline and can help Islamic boarding schools create Work Training Centers without investing in expensive equipment.

The Virtual Reality-Sky Toll application will be implemented in a number of pesantren in Garut. The local government of Garut will help implement these applications. With the use of the Virtual Reality-Sky Toll Application, it is hoped that it can build the best Muslim generation with a synergy of education based on skills and morals through Virtual Reality technology.

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