Supporting Distance Learning, Commission IV DPRD East Kalimantan Supports the Application of Virtual Reality

Published 20 February 2021, 14:55

The use of technology during the pandemic is a solution behind all kinds of restrictions aimed at reducing the risk of being exposed to the corona virus. This is also the case with what the East Kalimantan Indonesian Teachers Association (IGI) offered to Commission IV of the East Kalimantan DPRD on Tuesday (16/2/2021).

In front of the Chairman of Commission IV DPRD Kaltim, Rusman Yaqub and a number of commission members in charge of education, the Chairman of IGI Kaltim, Suparno Gofar, was present to convey a virtual reality (VR) program to facilitate the teaching and learning system in each school.


"We received appreciation from Commission IV of the East Kalimantan DPRD for the IGI activities in East Kalimantan which will soon be held. In connection with the virtual reality activities with Millealab Jakarta, which a few weeks ago have been presented which are immediately appreciated by Rusman Yakub regarding this VR." Suparno said to the media


Suparno explained that the presence of virtual reality in the world of education in East Kalimantan during this pandemic was considered to be able to provide a more pleasant atmosphere for students. In particular, there are not a few assumptions circulating about the ineffectiveness of online learning and the loss of learning in this country.

"We ask for support. This is because this distance learning activity that uses an online system in this network with existing applications is getting tedious for children, so with the presence of virtual reality it will become a new application that will be fun for students to learn because in virtual reality students and teachers can be more interactive. " explained Suparno

Responding to the meeting, the Chairman of Commission IV DPRD Kaltim Rusman Yaqub welcomed the idea of ​​IGI Kaltim which has a concern to improve teacher competence in presenting material in the distance learning process.

"The key is how to improve the competence of the teachers, because teachers are the main key in implementing distance learning, so IGI came to us to ask for support so that this program can run, and I think we will definitely support it." Pour Rusman

Even so, Rusman expressed his hope that from the IGI program, to immediately carry out training for teachers, so that in the 2021 school year virtual learning techniques have a change, anticipating the saturation of students who have been learning from home for almost a year.

"We hope that with this IGI program we can quickly carry out training for teachers, so that in the academic year 2021 and thereafter, our learning techniques with a distance system have undergone a fundamental change so that students are no longer bored, so there is a creativity of teachers to create, students also feel the situation. as if interacting directly with the teacher. " explained Rusman

Rusman said that Commission IV is very supportive of the IGI program so that it can be carried out well. "I think it is very good, therefore we from Commission IV really encourage it to be carried out well. In my opinion, this program is very real," Rusman concluded.



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