Google Daydream Review by Shinta VR

Published 27 March 2017, 01:56

We would like to share our experience when using Google Daydream VR. We use Google Pixel XL and Daydream View, which we believe the most advanced mobile VR to date. In this review, we explain why Google Daydream exists in this world, and sharing our experience playing one of Daydream games.




Google Daydream exists to offer a simple yet high quality mobile VR. Google is the first to introduce the use of 3-degree-of-freedom controller in mobile VR. This controller is special because it allows us to interact more than gaze and click in virtual world. Google Pixel XL as our test phone also has a really high resolution (2560 x 1440) or 534ppi. With this resolution, we can satisfy our eyes with a very clear VR display. Not all smartphones can have access to Daydream, only the high quality ones are allowed. You can find the list of Daydream-ready phones here.



Next, we would like to review one of the Daydream games, The Arc Slinger. It is a game where we become a cowboy and have to shoot enemies. In the game, the Daydream controller is used as a gun. We can aim at enemies by orienting the controller. Then the controller has the touchpad that alows us to swipe left/right/up/down. Using the touchpad allows us to sling the gun according to the swipe direction. Slinging the gun is not just for show, but to activate skills if the sequence is right according to the sling combination. We recorded the gameplay in the video below to help you understand the gun-slinging interaction to activate a skill.


We are amazed with the Daydream Controller and its high resolution display. This is the proof that mobile VR can providing a more natural control and a really good display. We believe mobile VR will boom in the next few years as smartphones continue to get even better day by day.


Currently, Shinta VR is developing a new Daydream Game called Battle of Alengka. The game is still unreleased as we are actively improving it before the release. If you are interested to develop VR with Google Daydream platform, please drop us a line  and let us know your requirement at

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