FOVE Review by Shinta VR

Published 29 March 2017, 10:01

We got a chance to have FOVE, an eye tracking VR headset. I would say we are the first to acquire this device in Indonesia. In this review, we explain the motivation behind FOVE existence, and sharing our experience playing one of the FOVE VR Contents.




Eye-tracking technology is not just for show, but it has several functionalities that is really helpful to interact in VR world. First, eye-tracking allows us to replace mouse and motion sensor to control user interface. For example, we need to gaze at the button to interact with it. This gaze can be done without moving your head around, just need your eyes. Second, it has Foveated Rendering method, which can increase the display quality exactly at the gazed location. This is done to increase the display quality while maintaining good performance. This is similar to when we play as a sniper in a First Person Shooter where the view on the lens is very clear, but the view outside of the lens get blurred. The next interesting feature is to map your eyes to the virtual character’s eyes. This allows more natural interaction to other players in multiplayer game.



We would like to share our experience playing Judgement. In this game, I have been tied and interrogated by a terrorist. Our gaze influences the gameplay. In a moment, terrorist is interrogating us to reveal who is our friend by gazing at one of the pictures on the table. We have to make sure our gaze is not to the picture of our friend, or he will get killed in action. We can also gaze at the other interesting objects in the scene. For example, if we gaze at the ashtray, the terrorist will taunt us and throw it away.


We are really impressed with this eye tracking technology. We would love to develop a VR apps/games using this technology. If you want to develop FOVE VR apps/games with us, please contact us at


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