Jakarta XR Meetup 9: The Secrets of VR and AR for Business

Published 26 April 2017, 11:45

9th Jakarta XR Meetup will be back on 9 May 2017. The Jakarta Marketing Week collaborated event is free for VR/AR lovers in the capital city. Along with business people, you will have the opportunity to know the "secret" success behind the immersive technology.

So far, augmented and virtual reality has been enjoyed by many people. The penetration in various industries makes both markets more widespread. From the giant companies to the startups has proven how potential VR/AR. It was grab $1.8 billion investment by 2016. Goldman Sachs predicts the VR/AR market will be worth $80 billion by 2025, 44 times from now. Looking at the number, are you sure just satisfied being a tech consumer?

Themed "VR/AR for Marketing and Business", 9th Jakarta XR Meetup will explore the potential of VR and AR as a business field. The which Main Atrium Mall Kota Kasablanka located event will present some speakers who wrestle in Indonesia VR/AR industry. Andes Rizky as COO Shinta VR with Nico Alyus, CEO of OmniVR and Mainvrame Arcade will share their experience when running VR business.

If your business is in other industry, AR and AR could be the super effective media for marketing. It isn't the hype tech only, but also able to present an in-depth relation with the brand because of its immersiveness. Founder and CEO of Papillon Group (Popular Magazine), Vicky G. Saputra will share about it.
So, VR is everywhere, for every one! Make sure you don't miss the 9th XR Meetup and register here:

9th Jakarta XR Meetup – FREE Registration

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