Project Sanjaya Preview: First Multiplayer VR Game in Indonesia

Published 07 June 2017, 09:45

GeekFest 2017 was held at Siola Building, Surabaya on 20-21 May 2017, and became one of the attractions in downtown Surabaya. The event promoted the concept of creative technology collaboration, showing some of the latest technology developed by Indonesians. Geekfest featured Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Drone, 3D Printing, Video mapping, Games Development, Game Boards, and many more.

Sanjaya: Shinta VR also attended the event GeekFest 2017 as a collaborator to bring previews of Project "Sanjaya". Sanjaya is a multiplayer VR game project being developed by Shinta VR in 2017.

Sanjaya is the first multi-game VR multiplayer created by Indonesian talent from Shinta VR. Sanjaya brings players into battle action to defeat the gigantic monsters in the surrealist world. By using HTC VIVE as a VR tool, this multiplayer game is becoming more attractive as players can interact with the room created by the lighthouse sensor of HTC Vive.

VR Sanjaya was very popular with GeekFest visitors. Most of them were VR users who did not think that VR can be played in multiplayer where players can also interact with each other. All visitors who tried it felt happy and wanted to try again.

Sanjaya is the first multiplayer VR game made in Indonesia to make Virtual Reality technology become the preferred choice of geeks and technology lovers. From this success, Shinta VR will continue to develop VR multiplayer games that will bring players immersed in beautiful imagination.

Project Sanjaya Multiplayer VR Game indonesia

You may view videos of our event here:




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