Post: Entering the Metaverse

Entering the Metaverse

Tools You Need to Prepare

The virtual world, like Metaverse, is a collaboration between technological sophistication and the beauty of 3D designs. Thus, we need additional equipment to have a very immersive experience when exploring the Metaverse world. That equipment is a combination of hardware and software, and the way it works takes place in parallel.

First thing first is a good and smooth internet network. Like a fish without water, the fish will not be able to enjoy its life. It’s the same with Metaverse without the internet. Even in today’s all-digital era, almost every platform requires an internet connection. The internet world has interconnected with computer networks that connect computers via telephone, satellite, and other communication systems.

The second is a smartphone or PC device. Both two mentioned tools function as a screen on which we see the Metaverse world. Usually, users will insert their smartphones into VR glasses to get the maximum visual sensation. Meanwhile, a PC has the same function as a smartphone. But we don’t insert the PC into the VR glasses when the users enter the Metaverse. They are like playing games on the computer.

The third tool is, of course, the VR glasses. As the name implies, VR glasses can bring the real world into a virtual world. This tool is the main characteristic of Virtual Reality technology. When users wear VR glasses, they can feel a more optimal sensation when compared to just a smartphone or PC. Apart from VR goggles, users can also wear additional accessories like gloves and haptic devices for getting a multisensory experience.

The fourth is cryptocurrency. In the Metaverse world, users can also trade with other users. The difference is that the currency used is not like we often hear about today. But a digital currency, such as cryptocurrency used in the computerized transaction. Cryptocurrency divides into coins and tokens, and it has no physical form.

The year 2022 sees the world’s population flocking to the Metaverse. Almost everybody goes to have the Metaverse. As an immersive technology company in Indonesia, SHINTA VR has been projecting this momentum since its establishment in 2016. Until now, SHINTA VR has completed hundreds of world-class projects related to the Metaverse or Virtual Reality and has three main products, thanks to a solid and adaptive team of technological developments.

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