Post: Exploring the Museum Using VR

Exploring the Museum Using VR

Generally, museums present historic relics in their time. Showing in the form of goods and a real room. Museums always provide extraordinary ways to preserve and educate the public. But now managers want to make the museum experience more interactive and interesting, hoping to attract the next generation of customers with technology.

One of these VR technologies can bring your museum experience more interesting. The “Museum of Other Realities” Art exhibition museum is not located in any location or provides other art items but this Museum is available in VR. Users can download and then allow those who have VR and PC to explore the art museum.

This art exhibition museum provides 20 extraordinary immersive works of art from such masterpieces as Danny Bittman, Liz Edwards, Sutu, Cesar Ortega, Matt Shaefer, John Orion Young, Romain Revert, and others. The art exhibition museum even provides a series of live events that allow users to meet other art lovers.

“After months of development, we are happy to finally launch version 1.0 of the Museum of Other Realities (MOR),” said MOR Museum Inc. in an update. “While we are at Early Access, we have the opportunity to hear from communities whose role is to help you provide feedback. We are also happy to have worked with so many extraordinary artists who have contributed so much to MOR. “

VR technology development in a museum is not the first time, the use of VR in the museum was previously held at the “Nobel Museum VR Exhibit” in 2017. They created the VR Experience “Exploring Matter” to take users on a journey through time and space to bring discoveries from several cosmologists and the greatest physicist to live through VR.

This experience is very interesting for museum visitors and provides new experiences. SHINTA VR, in this case, can help museum managers to provide VR facilities and show the reality that is so real. Consult with the SHINTA VR team for your new museum experience.