Post: Facebook Improves Comfort in Design and Control of the Latest Oculus Quest

Facebook Improves Comfort in Design and Control of the Latest Oculus Quest

According to Bloomberg’s report, Facebook is developing the latest Oculus Quest headset with a more comfortable and lightweight Design and Control. This latest VR will be launched at the end of 2020 but due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The launch was postponed until 2021


The current weight of the Quest is around 1.25 pounds. This weight size is not too much but if you play a game with a long session, users will begin to feel the weight. This report claims that the new headset can be 20% lighter at 1 lb (around 450g), as well as physically 15% smaller. With this weight, users will feel more comfortable when using Oculus quest.

Also, Bloomberg reports that Facebook is not only turning VR headsets lighter and smaller but they are trying to remove the side straps from the velcro to the elastic system.


Oculus Quest currently uses an OLED panel with a refresh rate of 72 Hz, lower than the standard PC VR 90 Hz. Valve Premium HMD Index offers up to 144 Hz. According to Bloomberg, Facebook is testing the screen up to 120 Hz for this new headset but can limit it to 90Hz for reasons of battery life.

The new version of Quest will feature with four external cameras and includes a support cable called Oculus Link, which allows users to connect the VR headset to a PC for a more exciting VR experience.

One of Quest Oculus’ biggest problems right now is that the controller battery cover will come off during a long, time-consuming match. Facebook is reported to have overcome this problem with controllers that are more compatible with Quest at this time.

This report has not been officially confirmed from Facebook but it can make sense that Facebook can develop the Oculus Quest headset more comfortably considering the high demand for Oculus Quest.