Post: Facebook’s Oculus Quest Enterprise is Finally Available

Facebook’s Oculus Quest Enterprise is Finally Available

On May 22nd, Facebook announced that Oculus Quest Enterprise was finally available. This program was announced a year ago but Facebook only works with a few small partners but now Oculus Quest Enterprise can be bought by any business. 

For the consumer version (128GB) Facebook opens a price of $ 500 and this version is designed for games and entertainment. For businesses who want to take advantage of Quest’s portability and ease of use for things like training, data visualization, and remote collaboration, Facebook’s ‘Oculus for Business’ program opens $ 1000 for the same Quest (128GB) headset, but includes special software, licenses, and support for companies. The price tag of the $ 1,000 version of Quest for Enterprise includes first-year access to software and Oculus support for business, but after that, it costs $ 180 per year and this quest version gets a 24-month warranty.

Facebook said that the Oculus for Business version of Quest works with major mobile device management programs such as MobileIron and VMware Workspace ONE, which makes it easy to manage headsets through existing enterprise systems. 

“Because we have developed and tested a platform based on key use cases for enterprise customers under Oculus Quest with quality graphics and deep capabilities is the best solution for most VR business needs” Oculus for Business FAQ.