Post: Future Technology in Mission: Be Like Water The Element of SHINTA VR’s: A Flashback Series #4

Future Technology in Mission: Be Like Water The Element of SHINTA VR’s: A Flashback Series #4

Andes, Andrew, and Akira’s decision to start SHINTA VR with a B2B system was the right decision. Due to limited resources, they optimized their potential as vendors for companies that wanted to have immersive products. For example, SHINTA VR worked on a Virtual Reality (VR) project like a virtual character (company mascot) for a particular business purpose (B2B). By taking that step, they have just passed the first stage towards their vision: manifest imagination in a real-life. They believe technology helps us to have a new way of seeing the world.

As the SHINTA VR business progresses, Andes realizes something: he, Akira, and Andrew have resembled elements in this universe. For Andes, each SHINTA VR element has its character. According to Andes, Andrew represents the water element. Andes considered Andrew an adaptive person and tends to be a mediator when he faces a problematic situation in the middle of a meeting. If there were a deadlock moment, Andrew is taken his role as ‘the ice breaker’. Andrew is the First Eye of Technology at SHINTA VR.

Water is an element of the earth that tends to go with the flow, is flexible, and calms, but it becomes the source of life for living things. That definitions reflect what technology does today in our lives. Seem like Andrew serves as Chief Technology of SHINTA VR. “I am now translating a definite mission from the SHINTA VR business projection that usually comes from Andes and Akira. I translate it technologically to the tech and developer teams in languages they understand. Unlike the challenge for SHINTA VR first year where the team was limited, and I couldn’t organize my thoughts at that time,” said Andrew.

The Element of SHINTA VR’s

Being a water element is not always set in a high tide because there are moments for a low tide. That’s what Andrew experienced. “There was a time when we got a VR project that cost the same as a website project. Even though VR requires big capital because it does not just display pages, even a lot of programming,” continued Andrew explaining the moments he and his team were not conducive, precisely in the 3rd to 5th year of SHINTA VR. The times when SHINTA VR faced maturity.

However, those three years have strengthened SHINTA VR: they have become an important stage for Andes, Akira, and Andrew to keep each other’s vision of a dream together. In addition, during the 3rd to 5th year of SHINTA VR, the founders convinced the distribution of each role related to each element’s function. Andrew always believes the reason why he was destined with Andes and Akira must continue to run SHINTA VR. He said, “I see that VR can deliver good impacts to our life, as long as we want to utilize its functions.” Andrew deserves to say so. Andrew graduated with VR and Immersive Visualization specialization from RWTH, Aachen, Germany.

Those three years of SHINTA VR passed, and many clients made repeat orders. Andrew said, “[Repeat orders] usually happen not because the technology is sophisticated or good, but because SHINTA VR can provide them with a practical solution.” Andrew finally knows his aspiration and consistency in creating solutive products is one of the proofs that he is like the water element. Water tends to be a source of benefits to humans. It is also proved by SHINTA VR products.

SHINTA VR’s product

Later, after those three ‘hard’  years happened, Andrew’s water characteristics were reflected through SHINTA VR’s innovations in the immersive technology industry. He put initiation of SpaceCollab in early 2020. SpaceCollab is a technological response to phenomena that occur and natural world society. “SpaceCollab is our reaction to the pandemic. The pandemic limited physical gatherings. Technology is a connecting medium. That is, technology is a medium that can penetrate boundaries. We need that,” said Andrew, remembering the start of the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia.

SpaceCollab is a virtual Human Resources development platform. SpaceCollab users can perform virtual simulations. Such as assembling motorbikes, trial simulations, etc., which use an avatar as their identity. So, it’s a kind of Metaverse but a simplified version. With that innovation, Andrew has reminded us upon one of the main characteristics of water provides benefits for the wider community. The same thing goes for MilleaLab and the Virtual Character System, which are other SHINTA VR products. Working closely with Andes and Akira, Andrew realizes that good technology has a momentary benefit but also has long-term benefits for the future. (To be continued)

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