Post: Games on Metaverse

Games on Metaverse

Besides NFT, Metaverse also offers games. Game on a Blockchain-based Metaverse that combines elements of Metaverse and Cryptocurrency. You can create your worlds, avatars, items, and more.
This following is a list of Metaverse Games you can play :

1. Sandbox: Games that provide virtual land in the form of NFT. You can browse the virtual map and choose the land you want to buy using a crypto wallet. Like Minecraft, you can create and design characters as you wish.
2. Axie Infinity: you can collect Axie as an NFT that can be used to fight, build, and hunt for treasure. Each Axie is unique and has qualities and strengths. Axie level is determined by points earned after the game ends, and you can sell it using fiat cryptocurrency.
3. Decentraland: you can build your virtual environment and perform its activities. Not only making a virtual environment, but you can also sell or rent using a cryptocurrency called NAMA.
4. Second Life: you can make your avatar have Metaverse experiences such as meeting other players, attending various events, and living another life in this world.
5. Iluvium: you will hunt illuvial, a god-like creature, which will help you fight other players and monsters. Illuvial in the form of NFT, the more powerful and rare, is higher in value. Once you have three of the same illuvial, you can combine them into one new creature and increase their importance.

Have a nice play with Metaverse’s Games!