Post: Get Socialize in AltspaceVR

Get Socialize in AltspaceVR

An application called AltspaceVR has aired since 2015. This application brings users together to socialize in the virtual world with other users. In this case, this application can be used without the VR device. This application is also available in Windows with a 2D display.

Some time ago, I tried this application again using the 2D version in Windows. While I entered the virtual world of AltspaceVR I was asked to choose an avatar according to my wishes.

In the world of AltspaceVR, we can attend events created by other users. At the event, we can interact virtually like chatting or playing games. If you wish, we can send a friend request.

Besides, at AltspaceVR often hold presentations about VR and other sciences. The presentation held at AltspaceVR makes no difference in the real world but in the 2D and 3D versions, there is also a question and answer session.

With AltspaceVR, we can easily socialize with people out there. Knowing the development of VR in addition to Indonesia. To use this application via Windows it’s easy, how to download and set up. After that the user is ready to use it. Good luck!