Post: Google and National Museum showcase Indian mini artworks using AI and AR

Google and National Museum showcase Indian mini artworks using AI and AR

Google Arts & Culture partnered with the National Museum in New Delhi to showcase miniature Indian artworks in a magical new way using artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR).

According to Google Arts & Culture, miniature paintings, which are about the same size as a small book, are among the most technically-advanced art forms in Indian culture.

Google Arts & Culture is using technologies like machine learning, augmented reality and high-definition robotic cameras to showcase the paintings as part of its ‘Life in Miniature‘ project.

Users can virtually wander the halls of a special ‘Pocket Gallery’, also the first AR-powered art gallery designed with traditional Indian architecture.

Google launches ‘Life in Miniature’ project

‘Magnify Miniatures’ uses AI to find connections in tiny details across a collection of mini paintings, while ‘Art Camera’ deployed an ultra-high-resolution robotic camera to produce the most vivid images of masterpieces ever seen.

In addition, the virtual collection includes 1,200 high-resolution Indian miniature paintings from 25 collections all around the world and more than 75 stories.

Other highlights include a musical guided tour of miniature artworks and an audio tour of miniatures, while users can discover the history of miniature paintings and colour their own Indian miniature.

AR-powered art gallery and robotic cameras

Last year, Google Arts & Culture joined forces with the Palace of Versailles to offer a private virtual reality (VR) tour of the former home of French royalty.

Google Arts & Culture previously recreated the Lion of Mosul, an ancient statue destroyed by ISIS in 2015, using crowdsourced photos and 3D printing.

San Francisco’s de Young Museum also collaborated with Google Arts & Culture on Google Lens, which lets visitors discover the stories behind paintings.