Post: Indonesia Will Have 1,000 VR Expert Teachers

Indonesia Will Have 1,000 VR Expert Teachers

A group of young people from Virtual Reality (VR) content development company, Shinta VR, created a cloud-computing based software platform called Millealab.

The technology can help teachers create their own VR-based teaching material content, without having to coding and using high-specification computers.

Until now Millealab is claimed to have been accessed by more than 350 schools and trained more than 1,200 teachers in Indonesia through a series of roadshow and MOOC programs conducted with the South East Asia Ministers of Education Organization’s Open Learning Center (SEAMOLEC) and the Indonesian Teachers Association, since May 2019 .

Millealab proves that teachers can easily create VR teaching material content. The teachers only need two hours to study until they can create their own VR content.

Andes Rizky, Managing Director of Millealab and also chairman of the Indonesian VR Association (INVRA) said, Millealab is very easy to use.

“Only by dragging and dropping and selecting interactions that you want installed on VR, teachers can quickly create their own content. In addition, teachers can also design quizzes with VR that the results can be easily known in real time,” Andes said through his statement, Thursday ( 2/13/2020).

In the Edutech Expo 2020 event held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Millealab recently announced a competition that could be participated by all teachers throughout Indonesia.

The tournament, titled “Competition of 1,000 Indonesian VR Pioneer Teachers” will be held throughout the year and divided into two periods. The first period of registration is being opened from January 20 to February 20 2020.

The team that participated in this competition consisted of two teachers and one student for one school. After the teachers register, they will be guided through MOOC for a month and the team must try out their VR content in the target class, resulting in an essay and presentation based on HOTS (High Order Thinking Skill) learning.

“With this competition, we hope to produce 1,000 VR expert teachers who are pioneers in the development of Indonesian education. I am sure the teachers can have high competitiveness and apply effective methods that are suitable for the way of learning generation Z,” said Andes.

Registration for the 1st 1000 VR Pioneering Teacher Competition will take place in January-April 2020 and the second period is planned for July-October 2020.

More detailed information can be accessed via the Millealab website or Instagram. In this competition, Millealab will collaborate with many parties who have concern for the advancement of education in Indonesia.