Post: Iron Man VR Will Release on July 2020

Iron Man VR Will Release on July 2020

Previously, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that Iron Man VR would be released in May but that it had to be postponed due to a pandemic until an undetermined date. the good news, Sony announced that Iron Man VR will be released on July 3, 2020.

Iron Man VR is an exclusive PSVR and probably one of the last before the arrival of PS5. The upcoming console is very compatible with the current PSVR headset and most PS4 games are expected to run on the new system.

The game concept of this game is that players will be tossed into Tony Stark’s boots and fend off attacks from mysterious anti-corporate ghosts, the main enemy of this game wants to dismantle the Stark empire by using its technology to fight it.

There are so many people waiting for this Iron Man VR and Ben Lang from Road to VR would like to thank the workers who developed this amazing game so that players could experience the experience of entering Marvel’s iconic hero super suit.