Post: Italian Airport Adopting AR Headset for Thermal Scanner in Post-COVID-19

Italian Airport Adopting AR Headset for Thermal Scanner in Post-COVID-19

The thermal scanner becomes one that quickly detects the main symptom – an increase in body temperature – in public places. Sales and interests in thermal devices have been increasing since mid-2019 until now. A new thermal scanning technology releases the latest version in the form of an AR Headset. In this tool, it looks like RoboCop.

This sophisticated object has been used at one of the airports in Italy, Rome’s Aeroporti. This was the first in Europe to adopt a “smart helmet” that uses augmented reality and thermal scanners to filter visitors, helping the facility keep sick people off the plane.

They called is as N910 helmet and this smart helmet was developed by Shenzhen, Kuang-Chi Technology of China. KC N901 Smart Helmet displays a wide color waveguide screen capable of detecting internal body temperature at a distance of around 8-15 feet. AR Overlay displays various temperature information based on two user settings: a single-person model that displays individual temperature readings and a “Big Crowd” mode, which offers a real-time heat map that displays max temperature readings from many travelers simultaneously. This headset can even be tethered to a traditional optical camera and paired with a 5G device, WiFi, and Bluetooth for real-time face recognition.

“It is able to detect the temperature of a single person but also groups and can signal to the operator if there is a person with a temperature above a threshold set by the Italian national institute of health” said one of the developer smart helmet 

According to reports, Rome’s Aeroporti is already using 3 N910 and plans to add this smart helmet unit for airport security. Sales in this unit will increase dramatically throughout the rest of the year and enter 2021 because more companies will use technology in their daily needs.