OcuFes Final 2016: the Hype of Virtual Reality

Published 04 March 2016, 08:25

OcuFes Final 2016 was held in Akihabara from Feb 20th to 21st. Despite the bad weather, 4,500 visitors came over the 2 days, it was the largest crowd ever.
There were a total of 44 booth exhibitors. Shinta VR participated in Ocufest for the first time, and we exhibited content of MT4VR.

The contents of the exhibition content, and photos, such as live-action of trees and waterfalls, on the basis of the photographs were actually taken the cosplayers of Unity-chan, we create content that gave motion with MT4VR.

After we explain the mechanism of MT4VR, many people were surprised in that they are made from a picture. After seeing the reaction of many customers, including companies and VR content developers, we are confident of the possibilities of MT4VR. It has been one month since the MT4VR project began. We would like to continue to promote MT4VR technology to more people around the world.

Shinta VR would like to thank Everyone who visited our booth!

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