Post: Learning 5 Programming Language

Learning 5 Programming Language

Programming is a skill that has many opportunities for today’s millennials, but most millennials don’t know the right way to learn programming.

Below are 5 steps that will guide you to make your programming experience much better.

Step One: Ask yourself about the main reason you want to learn programming

In this earliest step, you should know and be sure what your main or biggest reason is to learn Programming. If you don’t have a good and substantial reason for Programming, then maybe you will lose motivation and be very easy.

Second step: Choose a Programming Language

In this second step, you must be wise in choosing the Language of Programming. Several factors such as interest, popularity and future coverage form the basis of programming language choices.

If you are a beginner and start programming, then C or C ++ is best for you. Because that will make the basics of your computer much clearer.

With C and C ++, you will know how memory actually works and how to do memory management efficiently.

In C ++, you will learn a lot about object-oriented programming.

Most colleges and universities also teach C and C ++ as their first Programming Language.

It is commonly said that if you can learn C ++, then you can learn any Programming Language.

Third step: Data Structure and Algorithm

After the programming language you choose, the next step is to start your Data Structure and Algorithm.

Learning Data Structure is the most important and relatively difficult step in learning Programming. There are many types of Data Structures. This will help you improve your Problem-Solving skills.

The algorithm will teach you how to solve the same problem and then choose the most efficient of them. So, to become a better programmer, Data Structure and Algorithms are a must.

Step four: Be consistent

Consistent is good thinking to survive with the world of programming. If you are not good at programming, but you are still consistent for it. Then it can be the foundation of your determination in learning. Even for programmers who are experienced but do not have stable consistency, this will become a serious obstacle later.

Step five: Start to make several projects

After learning Programming and Data Structures, you better start to get involved in original programming such as participating in projects or individual work. Projects can be of any type. Like it can be a web application, a mobile application or just a game. But it must be challenging enough to test your coding skills.

After you build several good projects. You can show it in your portfolio, which will help you get more projects from your clients.

To learn to understand programming languages ​​does require patience and good consistency. In this case, millennials can get a good profit because in the industrial world many have used technology for marketing. Especially in the case of VR / AR, programming is the key to its success.