Post: Learning & Meetings are now more creative, interactive, and simple. Here is how:

Learning & Meetings are now more creative, interactive, and simple. Here is how:

The word “Studying” at school often associated with boring classes that we have to attend to, rather than motivated to attend. With the distance learning that we currently have, I’m wondering if students are getting excited to participate all the school activities with just several clicks, or on the contrary, getting more demotivated ?

Although the shifting from offline to online learning went smoothly, the effectiveness and interactivity of the learning process decreased by 48%. No wonder, with daily struggle that we face such as limited internet quotas, lack of interactivity due to most students prefer to turned off cameras, and the changes of learning methods to online learning that teachers have to adjust. Teachers are also required to be able to carry out learning activities from planning to evaluation in a simpler, more creative, and effective way.

But the truth is, studying at school have a way deeper meaning than ‘have to attend classes’. Socializing with friends, broadening the perspective, and widening perceptions for the better are things that are actually important.

Despite the importances, obstacles in the learning process in the era of the pandemic COVID-19 are real, and significantly affect the learning process.

One thing that we learned from 2020 is that, digitization in the learning process and or training is inevitable. As a community, we understand not to take the risk of face-to-face learning / training, especially with the latest virus mutations which are more easily and quickly transmitted. This situation puts us in a critical condition, where schools or companies need to be more creative about how, when and where they organize learning activities, meetings, or events. Because if we can’t help that, the physical resistance that already remain for almost 1 year will only get worse.

Long before the global health crisis came, Shinta VR created a learning platform where face-to-face and distance learning processes could be more effective and interactive. Millealab is a Virtual Reality (VR) Education Platform in Indonesia that meets teachers and students need. This platform is a VR integrated solution that is creative, interactive, and innovative.

Millealab has the benefits of using VR which answers the problems we all wants to solve. VR immerses its users in a virtual world to its fullest, with minimal distraction and limitless learning scenarios (up to 6X increase in concentration and 30% increase in memory). VR technology also makes students emotionally inspired and boost their motivation to learn, as well as saving the budget for facilities or other simulation activities that are increasingly becoming the main teaching and learning medium.

By enabling the learning process to be more interactive and motivating, Millealab has helped hundreds of schoolsthousands of teachers with its applications that have proven to be easy to use for both teachers & students. Teachers can easily implement Millealab without the need of coding, can be operated on medium to low spec computers. Integrated with cloud that makes the storage processing very fast, and saved up to 95% annual budget when compared to other technologies. And the most interesting is, this platform is scalable. By that, teachers could create and develop any learning subjects, independently.

Providing on-demand experience

Digital platforms are everywhere, and accessible 24/7. To encourage participation in learning activities or training, schools and companies need to reach their participants, and provide the experience they need.

Learning or training processes that are designed to facilitate user access, on demand, and at the right time can have positive implications. For example, Millealab’s experiences in supporting student learning at10 provinces shows that 90% of the use of VR increases positive emotions and student motivation, 54% increases the class average score compared to conventional methods, and by 80% improves students’ understanding and analytical skills.

Meanwhile, for other various fields and industries shows that they prefer to use VR while training. This has been proven in aviationsoft skills trainingmental health, even for the Government & Attorney General’s Office supported by Millealab and Spacecollab (Shinta VR’s newest product).

Employee in these various fields don’t just sit behind the desks, sometimes they need to participate in trainings, meetings, events, and maybe the company latest product knowledge webinars. This is where Spacecollab will substantially increase participation.

SpaceCollab is a multiplatform and multiplayer application that helps collaborate remotely by generating real-time activities into the virtual world, so WFH feels more seamless just like like WFO. This application is multiplatform because it can be connected to smartphones, various VR devices, and also PCs, which makes it easy for everyone to collaborate virtually.

Collab, at Space.
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Your team is part of the investment as well!

The changes of the economy during the pandemic has affected all areas in a significant way, with this also requiring employees to continuously upgrade themselves and have new skill sets. With the financial situation of most companies slowly recovering in 2021, communication is key that is needed on an ongoing basis between the company and its employees. And this is something that Spacecollab can help to add value for the employees and the company itself.

Author: Fransisca Amelia
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