Post: Level Up with SHINTA VR: 1st Webinar Understanding Blockchain Technology

Level Up with SHINTA VR: 1st Webinar Understanding Blockchain Technology

In this Big Data era, the Immersive Technology, such as Blockchain, becomes the main issue. Besides, Blockchain provides its great scale for our needs upon technology. As the computerized system, Blockchains relies on its advantages in archiving data for transactions and security. So it’s not surprising for us if Blockchain’s currently familiar to our daily activity.  

Blockchain guarantees the decentralization of data which can be accessible for each user.  In other words, we realize that Immersive Technology means smart technology. Every user may feel safe and gain its transparency by using Blockchain because transactions will be secured by the system. 

Since 2016, SHINTA VR has been consistently promoting and educating the good impacts of Immersive Technology for everyday life. So this webinar is dedicated to everyone who wants to learn more about Immersive Technology and its significance. Hopefully, this webinar can educate ourselves through sharing and developing ideas on Immersive Technology, especially Blockchain. 

Besides, the webinar is also intended to gather all of the Immersive Technology or Blockchain enthusiasts. We better connect and facilitate each other through the community. And one thing, we realize that Blockchain now has become hot news for the technology industry. Furthermore, the community which is initiated by SHINTA VR would bring motivation for us, because Blockchain is the real answer. 

At the end of the day, we know, Immersive Technology is for everyone. Yes, all of us. And this webinar, which is organized by SHINTA VR team, has some whys related to you:

  1. It gives you insightful motivations on Immersive Technology, especially Blockchain.
  2. It broadens your knowledge on the significance of Immersive Technology for daily life.
  3. It voluntarily connects you to the Immersive Technology community.  

If you’re interested to the topic, kindly join us in Level Up with SHINTA VR : 1st Webinar “Understanding Blockchain Technology” on Sunday, 28th August 2022 | 14.00 pm.

Click the link below to register for free at the Level Up with SHINTA VR 1st Webinar: