Post: Level Up with SHINTA VR: 2nd Webinar | Becoming NFTs Creator/Digital Artist: Your Gateway Into Metaverse

Level Up with SHINTA VR: 2nd Webinar | Becoming NFTs Creator/Digital Artist: Your Gateway Into Metaverse

It is undeniable when people hear the word ‘NFT’: this thing has its unique value, and its value may increase soon. Thus, NFT is often associated with the investment. This is partially correct, but in the Metaverse world, NFTs play a role in pricing and proof of ownership of assets or property. One of the things that have made NFT famous recently is the inseparability of digital artwork and the development of the Metaverse.

Since NFT has become a viral trend, people are becoming increasingly tech-savvy because technology can give us the same opportunity to get many things. Financial gain, for example. Or fame. Since the booming NFT has become a national spotlight, we have paid attention and appreciation to immersive technology. With the existence of NFTs, art has become multidimensional and increasingly multimedia. We see a lot of good digital-art creators. This is a suitable phenomenon in the digital society. For example, the NFT boom positively influences awareness of the latest technological developments, the Metaverse.

As a company engaged in the Metaverse industry since 2016, SHINTA VR wants to encourage and accommodate people interested in NFTs Creator/Digital Artist through a webinar entitled “Becoming NFTs Creator/Digital Artist: Your Gateway Into Metaverse.” This webinar is a series of the 7th #SHINTAVRSARY activities and takes the theme #ForTheGreaterGood. This webinar was held as an inspirational meeting in which we agreed that artistic works are timeless and have a potential value that transcends time. The challenge for the Metaverse going forward is not external factors such as the 2023 Global Economic Recession issue but artistic appreciation in the context of immersive technology.

Following this theme, SHINTA VR focuses on expanding its impact on immersive technology. SHINTA VR’s seriousness in spreading effect can also be seen through a webinar on December 18 with Ajay Ahdiyat and Wisnu Dhanur Wendo as speakers. As an NFTs Creator, Ajay has a wealth of experience and achievements in the NFT & Digital Art Work industry as an illustrator and visual artist. Meanwhile, Wisnu Danur Wendo, Chief Creative Officer of SHINTA VR, shared his knowledge regarding Digital Artists who have completed hundreds of international projects with SHINTA VR since 2016.

Since SHINTA VR is in an industry resulting from a collaboration between art and technology, this webinar was a success. Ajay and Wisnu shared their experiences about NFT with webinar participants. The interesting fact is that the discussion process went smoothly. Ajay and Wisnu received more than 20 questions during the Q & A session. The conversation between the speaker and the participants was enthusiastic and exciting, opening up new knowledge. Participants understand NFTs and the opportunities and benefits of NFT Creators and Digital Artists in the Metaverse. However, immersive technology is here to benefit those who have passion.

The presentation from Ajay and Wisnu, as well as the Q & A session, can be concluded like this: NFT has unique characteristics in its use. NFT owners cannot delete, replicate, or exchange. But for NFTs Creators/Digital Artists, NFTs are something of promise. Because they can invest in their work and determine the royalties, this has contributed to increasing the value of the Metaverse industry and, of course, encouraging public interest in having a career as an NFTs Creator/Digital Artist.

Thank you, Ajay and Wisnu, for being the speakers at the second SHINTA VR 2022 webinar. This webinar will be helpful for those who want to channel their artistic passion in NFT, become Digital Creators/Artists, and have fun in the Metaverse. Level Up with SHINTA VR promotes our understanding of the need for immersive technology. See you at the next SHINTA VR webinar!