Post: Makeup Tester Using AR Technology

Makeup Tester Using AR Technology

Makeup has become one of the needs of women today. Many vloggers make makeup tutorial videos and also give reviews on the products they use. The audience is mostly women who certainly ask questions about the suitability of the product

AR technology makes it easy to solve. One of AR feature is by making Tester make up using AR Technology. This feature allows users to try makeup products such as lipstick colors, eyebrow pencils, eyeshadow, and other makeup products. This method is an effective way to shop for makeup needs online and also reduces anxiety when buyers buy products that have not been tried. This AR feature can also adjust the user’s skin color so users can choose the color of the product correctly.

One of Amazon’s online shopping websites already uses this new feature on beauty choices. Amazon utilizes this feature well and according to research that 69% of American women who shop online for beauty products start their search on Amazon.

“We are very happy with the new feature. This feature makes shopping for cosmetics online easier by offering customers the ability to virtually try before they buy. With this new AI-powered virtual experience, Amazon customers can now buy with greater confidence – wherever they are, whenever they want, with products delivered directly to their doorstep, “said Amazon Beauty chief Nicolas Le Bourgeois

At present, the makeup tester feature can be developed by SHINTA VR. By consulting with the SHINTA VR team, your product can provide new experiences in shopping online.